Give me a character and I will answer:
  • Why I like them

'cause he's too damn lovely for his own good

  • Why I don’t

'cause we never get to see the character development on screen
(also, Yoh, condoms, they’re a thing [but this isn’t against teenage pregnancy or anything!! children shouldn’t be treated like mistakes!!! I just really dislike the offspring that came about and they’re still very much fictional]).

  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)

fUCK OKAY IF I HAD TO CHOOSE JUST ONE I’d go with episode 10 I think? where Ryuu gets possessed by Tokageroh and Yoh willingly gives himself up to save his friends (and friends’ precious things). because it doesn’t just say how stupid and good and kind and naive and trusty and gutsy he is, it also shows how little regard he has for his own life and nAHHH. that fucker.
also he has never ever looked cuter. just look. 

  • Favorite season/movie

reeeeeeeeeeeally torn between the Osorezan arc and the first stage of the Shaman fight (DAT DEVELOPMENT)

  • Favorite line

this may come as a shocker considering the things I’ve said about it BUT:
"Only good people see ghosts."

  • Favorite outfit

the open-shirt school uniform.

  • OTP


  • Brotp

ahh shit so many. I can only reduce it to three: yoh and manta, yoh and amidamaru, yoh and ren

  • Head Canon

my favorite, because of its light mood, is that Yoh always keeps a few milk bottles in his fridge, just in case Ren decides to drop by. like whoa if he likes it so much as to drink it three times a day, he’s not gonna get in the way of that.

  • Unpopular opinion

as much as it pains me, he should’ve died before Flowers began

  • A wish

for him to be dead in Flowers ahahahaha…

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

please please pLEASE DON’T DIE BEFORE ANNA DOES. she can take it, him being gone. him, on the other hand?

  • 5 words to best describe them

hippie befriending idiot deserves peace

  • My nickname for them

fucking idiot

"you write so beautifully

the inside of your mind
must be a terrible place.”

no. fuck you. stop with the tormented writer trope. you don’t have to be messed up or have had a terrible childhood to write good. you don’t have to be suffering 24/7 and hate society and smoke and drink and become an ogre no one will want to be around of to think critically and create wonderful stories. you don’t have to have lived death to describe how soul-ripping it is. 

having a “terrible place of a mind” isn’t something to be praised or desired or romanticized. do not glorify being “tormented”. if you happen to be whatever kind of tormented (mentally ill, most likely) and writing is a coping mechanism for you, I’m glad you found it and I encourage you to continue!! but it is not a requirement!!!

I like to discuss stuff like this ;u; it helps me see things and that feels good. sadly I can’t stop people from feeling bad when my opinion isn’t the same they have. I know I make mistakes (especially after I haven’t watched or played the thing in a while, which happens often), and I’m happy to be corrected, cause hell I don’t wanna mess things up. Just… please don’t get mad? thank you.

Pst! Can I ask you to expand on your thoughts about X-2? Because I like it, but I hated X, and it seems you (like most people) have the opposite view and I just always wonder why.
- katrani

[ since asks are rebloggeable now I’ll just answer this from here. the read more doesn’t work tho so I’m sorry for the looong shit ]

Hello, again! Nice to see you, dear. First off, you’re the first person I meet with the opposite view. Most people, literally, frown upon X-2. So I wanna know your reasons, as well, I’m very curious! 

To start, I really like X. It’s one of my favorite games. BUT I don’t hate X-2. It’s a fun game on its own, really fun. The completition rate is challenging and the battle system is really fucking cool (first really active time battles in FF history!). I started playing it after my sister showed it to me for a bit cause I got hooked and I really enjoyed it. I even replayed it.

The problem was the shocking contrast between X and X-2. It was the first direct sequel of a FF game, so everyone was really looking forward to having X’s universe again and expanded. After all, the world had been saved, yes, but what would Spira do without their religion, which had been leading everything for a very long time? Literally, everything. How would politics change? How would their lifestyle change now that they didn’t have to live on the edge and on the moment, now that there wasn’t a monster about to destroy everything at any second? How would they cope with a long-life expectation? Something that DIDN’T happen before? What about the Farplane? Would Yuna still do sendings now? Would the dead part from the world without a ceremony because they weren’t killed by Sin anymore? And what would Yuna do with her life now? Also TIDUS COMING OUT OF THE WATER WHERE WAS HE GOING AAAA

So yeah questions lots of ‘em.

And the answers weren’t… in the tone we had expected. From a grim, serious, emotionally heavy world we come to this shiny, silly, light-hearted universe that seems almost like a parallel one. People aren’t really having trouble adjusting except in the religion department, and that just felt unnatural. Like, the whole weight of X was in how believable the world’s suffering was (they freaking sang a song together to defeat Sin like WOW), and now it was dismissed like, hey we manage it’s cool. Also, hotpants and bathing suits instead of regular clothes.

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I’m in need of tags to talk about what’s going on here, but there aren’t, so I’m gonna babble instead. At first sight, this scene shows what a crap of a father Dean can be, resembling a lot of how we saw John was to him. It’s like, you don’t talk to a kid like that, you take the time to explain, you don’t yell at him for doing something he doesn’t quite get, you don’t scare him, you don’t yell at him, and all the supporting parent thing going on now. But, thing is, Dean can’t explain it. This is PTSD Dean. He’s angry, he’s scary, he’s scared, he’s helpless, and he can’t (won’t) talk about it. He couldn’t do shit for Sam, he might as well never save anyone else. But he keeps the Impala and keeps the guns. He can’t just abandon what’s left of that life because he has no real warranty that something will someday come hunt him down. He tells Ben nothing is coming for them because he’s trying to convince himself of that and yet he still feels this life is just an illusion, so fragile it can snap at any second. Ben holding a gun proves that right. He doesn’t want Ben to go through the same path, either. That thing Ben says, how Dean had a rifle when he was his age — that ain’t good! He had to learn to survive when being attacked by things that were supposed to live only in your nightmares, it wasn’t a choice. So, no, he scares Ben away. He’s the only one who should be feeling regret and frustration. I’m sparin’ you, kid, please.

okay so Kara no Kyoukai.

Starts slow and very very boring and hella confusing and where the fuck is this going. Second movie, same deal, actually more confusing but whatever. BUT, third on, it makes sense, there’s more budget for the animation, and WOW YOU CAN TELL. IT BECOMES BEAUTIFUL. The fucking music’s A++ since the very start. The magic is very compelling. The characters are okay. And the story… is actually nice?

I didn’t expect much out of this. I really didn’t. I only stuck around because it was just so senseless, I needed to know it was going somewhere. And, boy, it really was. The more I got into it, the more the world and its intrications was exposed. It’s all very smart and complex and it was fitting so it worked well.

I like the split personality of Shiki and SHIKI, and how it wasn’t the normal bipolarity, but something else. Also, I enjoy gore so yeah. Lots of blood and severed limbs and the like. And oddly enough the only bit that creeped me out was the AMOUNT OF SALIVA THE GUY FROM THE 7TH MOVIE HAD JESUS FUCKING CHRIST HOW. IT WAS GREEN.

The ending, somehow, kept me at the edge of my seat!

idk man, by the fourth, I was hooked. I enjoyed it. However, it takes you three hours to get into it and lots of patience, so I wouldn’t know if I’d recommend it.

DID THIS TAKE ME THREE MONTHS TO DO IT TOTALLY DID I’m so sorry I started studying and shit just jumped on me but HERE WE GO

I’ll start by saying I haven’t played the game in quite a while now (in the gringo sense of the word, so aka a fuckload of time) so I can’t really remember much, but I’ll do my best.

Let’s go with Garnet aka Dagger first. She starts as a pretty irresponsible princess who ditches her mom while causing havoc. Her motives are okay — she wants to go to her uncle to warn him about the lately doings of her mother who’s acting “strange”. And then decides to go back to, uh, not piss her off or something. Of course, shit blows up on her face when her mother doesn’t really care about what happens to her, because she wants the Eidolons she can summon. How ugly it is that your own mom only wants something of you and nothing more. I give it to her to be devastated about it. And then she dies because in trying to make everything better, Dagger summons a fucking beast that gets out of control and boom. 

Mother dead, kingdom in ruins and despair, and Kuja op, Dagger got overwhelmed and had a breakdown, stopped talking altogether. I fucking hated her guts after that. Mostly because she was my main mage at the time and I was counting on her summoning to kick some ass. When that didn’t work, she just went by until her haircut. And that moment was a good one. Like— the determination on her face when Zidane freaked out because he thought she was going to kill herself with the dagger. It’s like, there’s no going back and I’m going to face this shit because it’s hard but my people need me. She toughened up (finally). That’s a good progress. And then she becomes the Queen and even though she’s sad, she knows it’s not her place anymore to let things bring her down when others need her help (thank Zidane for that), so she stands up for her kingdom and rules it through the recovery process quite well. You can tell because they started having theatre shows again, and in front of the castle for everyone to see. 

Queen Brahne wasn’t that bad. I mean, she was a bitch through the entire game because possession, but the moment of her death redeemed her when she admitted she was wrong and that she really cared for her (adoptive!!) daughter. She even missed her spouse.

Beatrix was my fucking favorite and the most badass woman in the entire game I shit you not. Her devotion to the kingdom and her loyalty to the Queen — to the point of not really questioning her instructions up until she saw there was something fishy about it — is admirable as fuck. Once she found out the truth, she immediately turned to aid the Princess, because that’s her duty. And she was also the strongest general. And a woman. She took no shit from anyone, oh no. She could take on an entire army and come out the winner. When needed, she provided emotional support, because that is also the duty of the soldier: to protect the hearts of the people, especially of her Highness. Her attraction to Steiner was a little… no, it was very much forced. But the love letter thing was funny. Only when they fight against monsters together through the roofs of Alexandria is the first time we truly see they care for each other despite their past alliances differences. Also diamond eyepatch.

Eiko was an annoying brat for most of the game. But it was understandable: she was so, so very alone, the last of her kind, surrounded only by moogles, and once she sees someone who COULD POTENTIALLY really care for her, she clings to him for dear life. Only to that possibility. Of course she gets jealous. Of course she gets bratty. Even if clearly the guy has a thing for another girl. Because she’s that desperate. And she matures during the game, when she realizes the responsibility of being the last of her kind becomes so true her best friend sacrifices herself to save her. Because she’s that important. So she stops her whining, even stops chasing after Zidane (and you can tell that hurts her!), and swears she’ll never be alone again. 

Freya is also a badass. She’s portrayed as the most tragic character, losing the love of her life only to have him back in a blank state. Which only shows her how heartbreaking it is to not exist to someone, and that’s a bigger problem when adressed: it means everything she did with him was erased. And what are memories but what makes you who you are? It wasn’t just that her lover forgot about loving her — he forgot her ever being. And what is existing, but sharing your existence with someone, being acknowledged by that someone, truly existing? Freya became a ghost of herself because of that. But she powered through. Shit was going down and she knew her dragoon abilities would be needed. So she left that aside, left her lover aside — left herself aside — until he could get better on his own, unti the world wasn’t blowing up anymore. Because there were two alternatives: one, he remembered her on his own; two, she helped him remember her, reconstruct her identity on his heart. But how can you prove you exist to someone who doesn’t acknowledge your past? Who knows if she made it.

Mikoto (aka Genome girl) caused a pretty big shock to me. It wasn’t her coldness or her tail. It was her absolute indiference to everything ending that scared me. More than the rest of the genomes, cause ok generic, she was the one who would replace Zidane after he replaced Kuja, and she was completely empty of will. She was just going to do as told because why not. And I’m glad she got the chance of learning on her own about the world and build her own personality and desires.

Lani was a good-enough hunter. Tough. Respected. Overall nice. 

Lady Hilda, just LOL. Like, yeah bitch you cheat on me? Let’s see if you really like the FROG, BOOM. And she just hops away. Yeah she alligns with the wrong crow after that and gives them information she really, really shouldn’t have, and that’s pretty fucking bad of her, but I like that she demanded respect that way. It is a form of payback/revenge? Yes. Do I approve of revenge? No. Do I approve of karma? Totally. The toad had it coming. And then trying to undo it and turning into what the heck that was an oglop? Even better. Hilda knew her stuff. 

The shop gal in Lindblum, hmm. I remember the bar girl in Lindblum who Zidane tried to pick up and who sent him straight back, that was hilarious. I can’t really remember the pilot, unless you mean that one that Zidane hit on and then confused with Dagger, lol that was fun and karma-istic. 

This is a very duty-y game, if you can tell. And overall, the writing’s treatment towards women was alright. Women had different personalities, some really complex like Hilda’s, and some others quite existencial, like Freya’s, so they weren’t cut from a mold (yes, they were references to other games, but they were all unique compared to each other). 

However, Zidane kept hitting on everyone, and, okay, he’s a player, but there’s a point where that just gets annoying. It’s a good thing he gets what he deserves out of it. Still, not everyone swooned to his feet, and that’s good. The bit that irks me, though, is that every woman had to be paired to a man, see Beatrix, when it wasn’t necessary at all. There’s no need for a woman to have a mate to be a complete being on her own, thank you very much.

On the other hand, strong character, strong powers, important for the story…

Yeah, it’s okay.

Voh no sabis de violencia


Cabros, no sé qué sentir.

No sé si sentir pena, o sentir rabia, o decepción, o las tres al mismo tiempo en mayor o menor grado unas de otras. ¿Por qué? por lo que ví hoy en las manifestaciones; pero de la opinion de la gente, no de la destrucción.

Hueón: todos hablan de lumpen, de flaites, de delincuentes en los capucha, ¿tu cachai lo que es vivir en una pobla? ¿tu cachai lo que significa conocer gente desde chico, cumplir doce años y que se te empiecen a morir los amigos a balazos por que un hueón miró feo a otro?

¿Llegar a cuarto medio a duras penas, sabiendo que si te sacai un siete ese siete no vale nada comparado a un siete que te sacai en un liceo privado?

Y algunos, contra todo pronóstico, salen adelante, llegan a la u, ¡y la terminan hueón! con sus papás endeudados hasta el apocalipsis, el cabro consigue un cartón: contador, ingeniero, pediatra, y después no te dan pega por que tenís muletillas para hablar y no cachai qué cresta pasa.

Porque toda tu puta vida fue violenta contra ti y el hueón acomodado no entiende ni cómo hablai siquiera?

Otros apuntan con el dedo diciendo: “estos encapuchados son todos flaites, son reggaetoneros, son cumas.” En tu vida duraríai media hora caminando por la Legua sin que te hagan cagar por que usai ropa bonita o un teléfono con pantalla touch. ¿Por qué? Por que eso es lo que te vende la tele, pos loco.

Compra este telefono, vas a ser bacán; comprate esta chaqueta, este jeans, esta tele gigante, este auto…

Y el de la pobla que vive con 250 lucas al mes sueña con ganarse el kino, y a veces lo logra, y dilapida toda su fortuna en cumplir sus sueños, ¿y qué hace? En vez de invertir en educación invierte en la tele, en el auto, en el equipo, en la ropa.

Y sigue pobre

Y le da rabia por que la tele le mintió, todo el mundo le mintió…

Pero el de la pobla es choro, ese hueón cuando se la hacís va por la venganza, y se encapucha la cara por que así es el código –por que no es hueón– y le va a hacer cagar el paradero al rico. Sí hueón, porque aunque tomís micro igual andai con un telefono de 300 lucas leyendo tuiter arriba de ella, tu eres un hueón rico, no quizá como el puto uno por ciento de Chile, pero tenís internet, agua, ropa buena, teléfono e incluso computador y consola.

Voh no sabís de violencia, a veces te indignai por que te suben la isapre o te suben la bencina o el precio del pan, pero lo comentai en el pasillo y ahí quedai, igual lo pagai, igual agachai el moño.

El de la pobla no es oveja, tu sí. 

¿Y tenís el descaro, la AUDACIA hueón de indignarte por que el capucha quema un semáforo?

El señor del kiosco sufre por que le hacen cagar el kiosco, pero le ponen un mall al lado que paga 500 pesos de permiso versus las 300 lucas que debe pagar él, y el kiosquero agacha el moño, no se indigna, “así son las cosas”, dice.

Seguro los capucha tienen la culpa de que cueste tanto parar el kiosco de nuevo.

Hay no sé cuántos liceos tomados, van a haber elecciones este fin de semana, y la ministra de educación en Italia… hueón, Italia!! hueón un loco de pobla ve la tele sabiendo que está quedando la cagá en todos lados y la fresca se manda a cambiar a Europa!! este país y esta ciudad está tan ghettizada que el compadre no puede ni siquiera imaginar lo que significa gastar mas de 500 lucas en un pasaje de avión.

¿Y despues querís que no se enojen?

Tenís el descaro de pedir una #leyencapuchados, de pedir #militaresalacalle desde tu teléfono?

¡Hueón qué chucha!

¡Por la cresta, reacciona!

¡La cabeza del país te ve como un número! en vez de legalizar para que el sueldo mínimo cubra realmente las necesidades básicas siquiera, en vez de eso hacen un recetario pa que aprendai a comer con 2 lucas al día.

¡¡¡Dos lucas!!! al mes son 56 lucas ¡¡y el sueldo mínimo es de 195 lucas!! ¡¡¡más de un cuarto de tu sueldo y se burlan en tu cara!!

Pero no pos hueón. jurai que con tus impuestos se paga el semáforo y el paradero.


Tus impuestos pagan el estilo de vida de los dueños de las AFP, de las ISAPRES, tus impuestos pagan el sueldo de un senador al que le dan $1.800.000 solo pa la bencina, y tus impuestos pagan el viaje a Italia de la ministra Schmidt.


El verdadero pato malo y delincuente está sentado en el congreso, en la superintendencia de Bancos, en la Moneda, en el Club de la Unión, no en el capucha que rompe una señalética.

Una señalética pos loco.

Me ASQUEA la condescendencia para con el que te caga, mira esta foto hueón, mírala.


Un programa habitacional como este es violencia hueón, no lo que te muestra la tele.

La tele vende. A la tele le interesa tener rating, no informar, por eso Chilevision pone pura crónica policial, por que es morbo, y tu vivís cagao de miedo creyendo que vivimos en Madmax; y siempre te van a mostrar a 50 dejando una zorra en vez de a los 100000 disfrutando la música y las bailantas de las marchas.



Dices que la violencia no soluciona nada. Pues bien: ponte tu mejor pinta, báñate y péinate, ponte perfume y anda a la superintendencia de AFP y a la de isapres y con toda razón exige que dejen de cagarte, a ver como amablemente te dicen, ya bueno, disculpe caballero, nunca más.

El estado ha dado portazos a cada una de las peticiones de las personas a lo largo de años. ¿Y creís por lo bajo siquiera que si vas a tocar la puerta amablemente te van a atender?

Voh no sabis de violencia.


Es que no hay verdad más pura que esta y puta que da rabia que la gente no se prenda y se dé cuenta de la wea. Pero oh es terrible de fácil compartir esta wea en facebook. Es súper fácil decir que se apoya la causa desde la casa sin darle peso a que durante tres años consecutivos (que la tele no te engañe, ha sido durante muchos, muchos años más) se marcha, desde la típica por la alameda hasta darle mil vueltas en bici a la Moneda, se trata de concientizar a la gente, se hace de todo, y que a los weones no les importa una mierda porque pa qué si no lo quieren hacer (y si no lo quieren hacer no lo van a hacer porque ellos manejan el país y pico nomá), porque es más fácil convencer a la gente de que no pasa nada, comprarlos con promesas más falsas que el pan de ajo de las pizzerías transnacionales en año electoral, porque Chile es el país más “rico” de latinoamérica pero el más pasivo. Y nos pasan cagando, y lo sabemos. Y nos hacemos los weones porque qué sacai gritándole a la cajera que la cuestión estaba a dos lucas y no a tres, si ella no tiene la culpa, pero y qué pasa con los que están sentados en el edificio de la compañía del supermercado que hacen eso a propósito todos los días?

Los negocios chicos quedan destruidos y le echan la culpa a los capucha. Los capucha llegan por la marcha entonces la marcha tiene la culpa. Y tres años de marchas por lo menos una vez al mes y los estudiantes tienen la culpa por juntar tanta gente y causar caos. Es que, en serio, no se les ha cruzado por la cabeza que si sigue habiendo marchas es porque los hijos de puta no quieren escuchar? No han pensado que esos capuchas que hacen mierda el paradero no estarían haciéndolo si la cosa se hubiera arreglado hace dos años, cuando empezó la cuestión, cuando se murió un cabro y lo barrieron bajo la alfombra al no cubrirlo por la tele durante más de dos días, cuando los estudiantes del país entero se dieron cuenta que así no debería ser la cosa y se pusieron de acuerdo (pendejos y jóvenes, los menos razonables, los más weones, los controlados por las hormonas que no saben de la vida real) para moverse y hacerse escuchar? Sabías tú que era injusto antes del 2011?

Of course there are. And they aren’t really hard to find, since they’re on plain sight; the most obvious being “guy’s best SHORT friend makes him have a change of heart” (this both applies to the anime and the manga).

Yoh also thought humans were crap, since he was always treated badly by them. Manta came into the picture to change that — and not only that, but to become his best friend. The one human who would ever understand him. The one human who thought his shaman thing was (of course, after the initial first chapter shock) pretty cool and very interesting. You don’t have to read too much into it to see that one of the reasons Yoh accepted the burden to fight against Hao and ergo save the humans from all dying by his to-be-godly hand was because he met Manta and understood that not every single human being was shit. And so, they were worth saving, even if admist the few good ones there were a lot of assholes.

Meanwhile Hao was always alone. The one friend he had, a freaking cat whom he gave the ability to speak and fight, betrayed him (even though he was wrong, it was still a dick move). And so, he gave up on everyone. Not only humans who were murderers who didn’t deserve to live, but on animals AND shamans altogether. He only used allies because he needed their assistance in getting rid of smaller bugs. Or, in this case, trying to toughen Yoh up so he could munch him. Opacho was the only one who didn’t fear Hao for his power, who trusted him, who would willingly die for him to even smile a bit. Like she did in the manga. She even also had some sort of reishi of her own. And, au contraire, who realized he was too far gone when he lost his crap (peló la papa oooo) and started fearing him. He warned him, then. He said, “you’re scaring me”. Which leads me to believe that Hao knew how she felt for him, how extremedly and completely loyal she was, how they both shared a link like that, and he still decided to send it all to hell because he was sick of everything.

In the manga, Manta helps Yoh get to Hao in the end; and Opacho attempts to sacrifice herself to make Hao happy. That turns out well.

In the anime, Manta forces himself to become a shaman (…huh????) to call everyone on their bullshit and show them that he was the only one who truly understood Yoh, and yelled until everyone got a grip; while Opacho runs away from Hao when she realizes the heart of the man has just gone too far out of her reach (not in a lovey-dovey way).

I hope this helped you. I’m sorry it took me so long, haven’t had the time to do anything besides studying (and my rp derp).

I just loathe when sequels start with underage kids with the same power level as what the previous characters took a whole fucking series to develop.

aka Flowers, as one (current) example.

There’s just so much wasted effort and OP characters that you can’t see growing past what’s already established because, how the fuck would they? They already have armor OS’ and they’re not even 14 years old. It’s already bad that Hao took his entire first adult life into getting that far, then the *~SHOUNEN~* main characters get it while they’re like 16. And now pfff it’s like they’re born with the shit.

I guess you could argue it’s what “natural evolution” does but that’s not quite right either.

Repeat with me: having intimacy =/= having sex.

Having intimacy with your partner, in the way you look at each other, treat each other, hold each other, can totally happen without having had sex to accomplish it. Same as having intimacy with close friends. Intimacy is obtained by how comfortable you are with the other person, NOT HOW MANY TIMES YOU’VE SEEN THEM NAKED.




wouldn’t it be just the biggest plot twist in the world if the doctor regenerated into 12 and turned out looking like the master

there was never another timelord that survived the war, it’s always been just him and that drove him insane.




cause he’d go, sod it. just sod it, I doomed myself, I was doomed from the start, what good am I going to do now, nothing’s worth anymore. cause he’d follow the path he knows the Master did, cause his future is his past. cause he would know exactly who’d bring him down, and he’d still marry the woman. cause he’d be too tired and/or insane to try to rewrite time. just like he was too tired and/or insane not to regenerate. because he would’ve given up completely. 

and he’d know Martha walks the world and isn’t really looking for anything — but she is talking about HIM, about the Doctor he once was, and that’s the only sane bit he has left; the memory of being once someone who did good things. 



Sorry actually one last thought on this generational talk going around

This idea that there’s a “real world” and we’re unprepared for it is one of the most irritating and frustrating things

The baby boomers are fucking OLD. Half of them are retired and the other half will be within the next 10-15 years.

We ARE the real world, you senile pricks. Fat cats, kicking back, counting the days til you’re done working - you’re not the “real world”. 

Our primarily internet, mobile-based, fast-paced, flexible world? That’s the real world. 

Yeah, it’s still new and fresh. It needs a lot of work. But: first, like you assholes can fucking talk. Second, WE’RE BARELY OUT OF COLLEGE. GIVE US A DAMN MINUTE TO MAKE IT GOOD. 

Actually, you know what? It already is good. Disney’s attempt to trademark a cultural holiday just got totally foiled. Same-sex marriage and public health care are global standards just about everywhere except the US, where they’re catching on by the minute. We’re active, interactive, we’re getting shit done at lightning speed compared to your fucking Regan years. 

Take your pension and get out, please. We have a world to run, and frankly - the faster you leave, the more quickly we can fix your shit.

Ozz and I were talking about something like this the other day, about the “real world” versus the world older people remember.  For me, it was my dad; for him, it was the older guys at the shop where he did his apprenticeship; but for both of us, we’ve had the Well-Meaning Older Person trying to say “you need to [get out and see the world/jump around from job to job and profession to profession/boat-hop your way around the world working crew on other people’s sailboats/etc]” because that’s what they did in their youth.  

Only, that’s what they did in their youth because those things were possible in their youth in a way they aren’t now.  Can’t go see the world without some damn money.  Can’t just play around with switching jobs because you’re fucking lucky to even HAVE one you’re not just gonna throw it aside, walk into the machine shop down the street, and get hired on that same day (which apparently they used to be able to do? idk not my field).  The world is a lot less casual about international travel than it used to be so it’s not just “sign on and go to a random country” like it might’ve been back in the day.

We can’t run our lives like you ran your lives because it’s not the same world anymore!  And a lot of that is because y’all fucked it up for us.  So don’t sit there and tell us we’re doing it wrong, okay?  We’re the experts now.  Because we have to be.  Seeing as how the bulk of y’all’s advice is laughably inapplicable at this point.

I’m gonna jump the wagon here, don’t hesitate to just skip it

I don’t really have this problem all that often because at least in my country during the last generation’s “real world” where they could “do stuff” there was a military government going on and uh… they really couldn’t do anything. also, it’s a pretty young country, so women are just now getting to power places and their pay wage (not mine cause I still haven’t started) is still considerably lower than men’s.

but they do complain an awful lot (although they used to complain a hell of a lot more) about not going out as much as they used to. being in the computer too much. but, guess what. everything’s done through a computer now. going out? expensive AND dangerous thank you very much because the world is not as safe as it was back in the 90’s. socializing with friends? can easily be replaced (not all the time of course) with facebook or stuff. hell, you couldn’t have friends from around the globe (except for maybe a pen friend but that was like one or two at best), and look at us now. I just met a Philipines girl yesterday, how the fuck does that even happen (hint it didn’t). also, EMAILS. GREAT THING THAT. VERY GOOD INDEED. learning and libraries? no one knows if it’s a good or a bad thing yet, but if you ever need to know about anything, you can pretty much google it.  

most of the activities performed in “real life” can now be done through the web, having more time to do other stuff. and that is what the real life is now. no one can just shun internet cause they don’t fancy it, because it’s become a need of the (uh I hate this word) post-modern world. 

I think people assume I hate Shaman King because of things I’ve rambled about. 

But, actually, no, I don’t hate it. I have a LOT of issues with the writing and the writer mostly, but I like the series. I got to love it for a good period of my life, it’s meant a lot, and it’s helped me be very happy and meet wonderful people.

I still can’t talk about it yet cause of external reasons but that’s a story for other day

The series has a lot of good points. Just like the previous post, Yoh being the main character and breaking the mold of the stereotypical shounen hero changes the entire tone of the series, and the things that go along are just because of that. If a character has a change of heart, it isn’t because Yoh beat him in a physical battle — it’s because he reached and touched their heart, somehow, mostly by being who he isThe characters, because of that, grow in a unique way.

…I don’t like the ending, no one will convice me otherwise, sorry. Yet, having the bad guy win, as a premise, isn’t the newest thing (others have accomplished more and in a better way, just sayin’), but it is a shock.

Shaman King has a lot of issues. And most of the time, I can’t put them past it. But it’s a good series, it has a good heart, it has good and charming characters, and my life would definitely not be the same without it. 

guess what time for another rambling — Chile being the star! 

most of my followers know already that I recently started an Editing post-graduate so we’re discussing books and shit, and yesterday, while completely off-topic back then, someone asked why Chile doesn’t read more Sci-Fi and similars (refer to fantasy and everything non-reality based). What followed was an hour-long useless discussion that took them nowhere. Since the classes are barely beginning, I didn’t want to intrude and be catalogued as the mean one, so I held my silence. But I do have something to say about it.

See Doctor Who. It’s english, but it’s broadcasted all over the world — even here, yes. It’s freaking popular in the US, too. But no one cares about it, no one watches sci-fi. We have sci-fi and fantasy writers, and there are books. But no one reads them. Instead, the most consumed genre is reality. Also in movies and TV.

It’s not because there are little to no resources, that’s bullshit, there’s internet now. 

It’s because Chilean people don’t know who they are. There is no national identity, not nearly as clear as, let’s say, Argentina has. So, since they don’t know, they keep trying to find an identity. And to find one, you have to ask for examples. 

To enjoy art, one of the requirements is to be able to feel identified with the character or the world. Chile consumes realism because we see no other source from where we can identify ourselves. Since there is no base, we can’t translate that into a Chilean who gets stuck in Narnia — that can’t happen, we can’t know that guy is Chilean, because we don’t know what Chilean even means, besides, you know, being born here. 

And that’s going to keep happening! IT’S NOT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND. SO WHY DID WE WASTE AN HOUR OF PRECIOUS CLASS TIME SAYING THAT uh yeah there aren’t many books of that here. BULLSHIT.